Innovating Through Systems Engineering to Solve and Serve™

Birdi Systems, Inc.’s (BSI) foundational capabilities of systems engineering, delivering quality service, and developing software have organically evolved to make us a full-service systems engineering consulting and contracting firm in the areas of commissioning and activation, project management, systems integration, and software development. Striving continually to improve our service delivery, we have optimized our ability to serve our clients’ needs by developing in-house tools such as:

  • Systems Facilities Operations Readiness (SFOR)

    An innovative process to achieve project objectives and activation by aligning project plans, designs, operational goals, and business processes

  • Capital Project Planner (CPP)

    A software solution which aims at managing large scale, high cost capital programs that require efficient and extensive resources and planning

  • Airport Security Assessment Tool (ASAT)

    A software solution that catalyzes requirements capturing and tracking processes relevant to regulatory mandates and standards

  • Security Asset Management System (SAMS)

    A system monitoring capability that improves service response time and isolation of system problems, particularly for server and database supported systems