Federal Interface Services for Credentialing

Birdi, Inc. has developed plug-and-play middleware components, which we call Federal Interface Services for Credentialing (FiSC). These components encapsulate interactions with the TSA and FBI through the TSC AIS interface.

The TSA and FBI have authorized Transportation Security Clearinghouse (TSC) to interface with the Airports for Security Threat Assessment (STA) and Criminal History Record Check (CHRC), respectively. Based on SOAP Web Service protocol, TSC has deployed an Automated Integration Service (AIS) for applicants’ demographic and biometric (e.g., fingerprints) information. Vetting results and data errors are also delivered via the AIS interface.

Following are some of the primary benefits of FiSC:

    1. FiSC is designed to be adaptive and comprehensive


      • FiSC Plugs into any demographic and fingerprint record keeping mechanism
      • FISC is designed to interact with Airport Credentialing and personal data system
      • FiSC adapter architecture is used to allow interaction with any personal data management systems and fingerprinting systems
      • FiSC allows for customization based on documentation and API provided with the system
      • FiSC maintains a history of interaction which is maintained for auditing purposes
    1. FiSC includes a user interface and notification application that makes for seamless tracking of STA and CHRC.


      • FiSC provides a navigational view of all pending records
      • FiSC’s rich user interface that allows users to see progress and state of each record
      • FiSC highlights areas where user intervention is required
      • FiSC’s notification system alerts users when intervention is required
      • FiSC’s access control layer allows users to work on their designated areas without access to other parts of record; e.g., officer working on STA does not need to see the criminal history record of an individual
    1. There is a secure interaction between FiSC components and the TSC.


    • FiSC components are deployed within the airport network
    • FiSC middleware server encapsulates the interface with TSC via VPN
    • FiSC securely interfaces with a middleware server to send data and receive results
    • FiSC publishes a secure service for the airport system to send personal data, request background checks, and obtain results
    • Airport network firewalls are not compromised and no inbound ports are required to be opened by the airport firewall in FiSC

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