Risk Management Information System

Centralized Information for Precise Analysis

Risk Management Information System (RMIS) is a web based program that helps manage claims and policies on a single, secure solution. The goal of RMIS is to:

  • Record the unexpected incidents that occur throughout the year
  • Mitigate annual insurance costs
  • Implement the opportunity for clients to choose the policies they want
  • Support the important business functions of reducing financial exposure to claims

Key Features:

  • Statistical reporting of claim and cost trends as well as graphical presentation of reports
  • Claims Management: including incident details, claim details, dates, legal information, and claimant information
  • Policy Management: including policy number, coverage, deductible, aggregate, effective dates, broker information, and notes
  • Insurance Premium, settlement, and other cost tracking features
  • Role-Based Security: ability to manage different areas of the application of a particular user/ user group can view, add, or edit information
  • Single sign-on
  • Risk analysis performance measures
  • High level dashboard to show status of risk management
  • A calendar feature for managing the assignment of tasks – including due date, action item, assigned to and status
  • Ability to record and update notes related to a claim
  • Ability to add, edit, delete, and print transactions – including Transaction date, Payment type, Paid amount, DOA
  • Email Integration

How RMIS was implemented at LAX: Click here

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