Birdi Service Manager

Birdi Systems, Inc. developed a services management tool to augment existing service ticket processes for facilities and systems because existing applications and services for repair actions don’t account for many tasks a service team performs, such as:

  • Scheduled preventative maintenance
  • Moves, adds, or changes of equipment
  • Bench repair or restoration of operation
  • Inventory management
  • Procedure update training
  • Client meeting attendance.

Birdi Systems, Inc. determined that to provide world class services to meet client expectations, all activities required tracking in order to determine the quality of service and to efficiently manage all of the available resources. The Birdi Service Manager software tool was developed to provide the abilities:

  • To create an issue or service ticket for every type of action so that action details can be captured and tracked in real-time
  • To forward-schedule actions so that planning processes can identify future resource commitments through the calendar and Gantt views
  • To track the status of all tickets created and view action details
  • To adapt as a highly customizable tool that caters to any environment

Because the tool is a web-based application, it is easily available for technicians to use while in the field to record conditions, take notes, update status of tickets, and to look up references via the document and files feature. The tool uses role based security so that clients can be provided access rights that give them live access to ticket statuses and updates. The tool can also be configured to manage several different kinds of projects available in an environment, while this will be transparent to the user as they will have access only to the projects they are assigned. The tool allows users to filter issue lists based on different criteria like “Assignee”, “Issue Type”, “Issue Status”, etc. and also export these lists into a pdf or excel file.  Whether used in a stand-alone implementation or supplemental to existing help desk service ticket processes, the tool has proven to provide timely information, service detail, and accounting for required work that is not service ticket driven.