Airport Security Assessment Tool

Gets Your Security Projects Approved

The Airport Security Assessment Tool (ASAT) is a software application that helps engage security and public safety stakeholders at airports, eliciting information critical to assessing vulnerabilities and gaps in regulatory compliance. The ASAT is a comprehensive repository of industry standards, regulations, and data points. It has 539 different modules with approximately 7500 information points that are collected early during the project concept phase. The information collected is then used to conceptualize project delivery risks, operational gaps, and solutions.

Key Features & Functions:

  • Organizes security categories/areas in a tree structure so that an airport wide top down flow of assessment can be executed
  • At the lowest level, has a family of questions or information capture items that are driven by regulatory mandates and standards, including the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) 8793 and CFR Part 1542
  • Compliance can be augmented by enterable client requirements
  • Captures the question responses in a database. Since responses are saved, further analysis and gap identification can be performed to identify any further risks, threats and vulnerabilities
  • The tool can define business rules that can apply conditions on questions. For example – some questions in a particular section may be marked as ‘required.’ The rules engine also supports branching based on response to earlier questions
  • Allows for partial assessments to be saved so that users can go back at a later time to complete the entire assessment. Progress towards assessment completion is displayed
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