Remote Post Access Control System

Meet Your Regulatory and Operational Requirements at Perimeter Guard Posts

Birdi System, Inc.’s revolutionary Remote Post Access Control System (RPACS) is a specialized solution that caters to the specific needs of controlling access to secured areas at airside perimeter Access Posts. It provides a stand-alone access post application at each access post that uses a local PC attached credential reader that can be integrated into the campus wide security system. This eliminates a costly extension of the campus security system, and allows security personnel to concentrate on verifying access while reducing paperwork and other diversions. RPACS can also be used remotely in areas that are not staffed by security personnel.

RPACS provides an interface with the credential database for comparison of credential ID codes and sending of credential holder images from the database to the access post PC. A local IP camera is also integrated with the access post PC so that a driver image is provided in real time. Security personnel comparison of live images to credential images plus verification of authorizations supports access or denial of access decisions within seconds.


Facilitates compliance with:

  • FAA’s safety requirements
  • Federal security requirements
  • Local public safety needs

Functionality and features of the system:

  • Integrates with the airport’s Access Control and Credentialing System
  • Validates badge holder’s access rights
  • Authenticates 800 different credentials for escorted passengers
  • Authenticates the badge holder via photograph stored within the system
  • Logged information format facilitates after incident analysis
  • Can be integrated with airport’s permit
  • Integrated camera system for:
    1. Viewing and logging of facial shot of the badge holder
    2. Viewing and logging of license plates of vehicles
    3. Can be integrated for ALPR capability

Click here to learn how RPACS was implemented at LAX

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