Los Angeles International Airport (LAX): Airport Credentialing System

Birdi Systems, Inc. successfully took over the maintenance of a complex system, which had been developed over the last 10 years, without any issues. This feat was accomplished despite a complete turnover of LAWA staff. In addition, we significantly enhanced the system in a way that helped stabilize and provide greater efficiencies to the operational environment.


  • Replace AMAGS with Remote Post Access Control System (RPACS), which is the software installed at the Access Post responsible for granting access to the airfield
  • Implement LAX Automated Integration Services (AIS) in order to automate the transmission and receipt of status background checks and fingerprint results; only a handful of airports have this ability
  • Implement a new, more stable data transfer interface between B2K Badging Application and the new ACAMS Picture Perfect 4.5, allowing the upgrade and migration of ACAMS to the new version
  • Interface the system with a card scanner to automate the reading and transfer of required information from an applicant’s Driver’s License, Passport, or Green Card

Goals Achieved:

  • Stabilized the environment
  • Delivered a new interface to ACS
  • Developed a new system to replace the AMAG system
  • Helped upgrade system to new version

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