About Birdi Systems, Inc.

Innovating Through Systems Engineering to Solve and Serve

Birdi Systems, Inc. (BSI) is a Los Angeles based, award-winning, full-service systems engineering consulting and contracting firm. BSI is a leading provider of technology solutions to major airports and other transportation entities. We are fully vested in our slogan, “From Solutions to Service.” As system engineers, we are experts in developing the right solutions for our clients, always making sure that before we deploy the solution, all elements are in place so that the solution provides service to the client from the first day of operation.

Purpose & Core Values

From Solutions to Service

Established by a diverse group of industry leaders, Birdi Systems, Inc. (BSI) abides by certain tenets and principles. Common and unchanging across all of these is our dedication to optimal service. The principles that all of our abilities and efforts are channeled toward is the fulfillment of our client’s goal as well as serving the client’s best interest. As engineers we specialize in finding solutions.  The solution, however, is only one aspect of what we believe we are responsible to provide.  The ultimate goal at BSI is to provide our clients with superior, unwavering service.


History of Birdi Systems, Inc.

After 10 years of distinguished service at Parsons, Moninder Birdi founded Birdi Systems, Inc. (BSI) in 2006. BSI’s technical and ethical roots are linked to the “energies” invested by Parsons into its employees.

BSI was immediately recognized for its unique capabilities when in 2007 it replaced LAWA’s legacy Risk Management Information System at an estimated 1/3rd the cost of an earlier failed attempt by another vendor. On this assignment, BSI accepted and met the challenge of an extremely tight four-month deadline receiving its first of many commendations.

In 2008, BSI provided unique value to the construction management team for the $50M ONT In Line Baggage Construction program by ensuring that the airport and the stakeholders were operationally ready for the activation of a major system that was a new operational concept for ONT prior to its activation. The result was another successful partnering effort with our client, and the receipt of another client commendation.

In 2011, BSI developed the SAN Concept of Operations, a process guideline for the extensive Green Build Project at San Diego International Airport. BSI’s input in this $1.027B terminal expansion project earned the company the 2011 San Diego District Minority-Owned Small Business of the Year award from the National Small Business Administration, a significant accomplishment. This Concept of Operations document served as the foundation for what is today the Systems Facilities Operational Readiness; BSI’s premiere patent-pending process.

Today, Birdi Systems, Inc. continues to expand, focusing on its four main pillars of Commissioning & Activation, Systems Integration, Project Management, and Software Development. Since 2012, BSI has designed and installed 24 security systems, all on time and on budget.