Federated and Integrated Solutions for Credentialing

Developing and managing credentialing systems is a constant challenge for complex environments. Each will have its own variable and unique needs. Through its adapter architecture, the Federated and Integrated Solutions for Credentialing (FISC) accommodates those needs by centralizing and automating the credentialing, identity and access profile management processes. FISC provides a single platform that seamlessly integrates with Remote Post Access Control System (RPACS) and other security systems.

This breaks down siloed systems and processes within organizations, while ensuring compliance to security policies and eliminating common problems like – duplicate identities, unauthorized access, lack of data validation and audit trails, delayed removal of access for terminated identities. BSI has integrated FISC with the Department of Homeland Security, TSA, and the FBI. As a result, FISC was able to reduce the badge approval timeline from the Security Threat Assessment (STA) and Criminal History Records Check (CHRC) down to only 2-4 days from 3-4 weeks.

Certified Lenel OOAP Partner Product

FISC is part of the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program as a Lenel-certified integration for Identity and Access Management. Learn more about FISC on Lenel’s OAAP Partners & Products page.

Key Features

  • Group of different modules that are seamlessly integrated to work as a single system that recognizes the special needs for the client.
  • Adapter architecture is used to allow interaction with any personal data management systems and fingerprinting systems.
  • The Airport can choose to build their own adapters based on documentation and API provided with the system.
  • History of interaction is maintained for audit purposes.
  • Paperless badging where badge applications are approved and submitted onlin.
  • Plug and play modules allow for quick assembly of the system to meet the specific and unique needs of an airport.
  • Easy to use Badge Design capability that allows the user to design airport badges ‘on the fly’.
  • Access control layer allows users to work on their designated areas without access to other parts of record. E.g. officer working on STA does not need to see the criminal history record of an individual.
  • FISC’s automation with the Discretionary Access Control (DAC) is implemented through its Security Clearance Module (SCM). This functionality is unmatched by any other system in the industry.

The Security Clearance Module (SCM)

  • The Security Clearance Module (SCM) encapsulates interactions with the TSA and FBI through the DAC interface.
  • The SCM includes a user interface and notification application that allows ‘real-time’ tracking of STA and CHRC results.
  • A state machine that provides transaction details for each badge application.
  • Rich user interface that allows users to see progress and state of each record; e.g. highlights areas where user intervention is required.
  • A notification system alerts users of system and system interaction failures.

Additional Features

  • Single point of information entry for authorized users, employees and signatory authorities
  • Ability to input biographic information, create employee profile and fingerprint
  • Allow for paperless signatures and paperless applications
  • Integrates with Department DAC (Designated Aviation Channeler) for TSA/ STA vetting, FBI CHRC profile evaluation, TSA No Fly/ Selectee vetting and FBI RAP back
  • Ability to issue new badges, modify requested badge types, assess fees and access privileges for designated functions/ work areas
  • Access to credentialing inputs (documents, photos, signature)
  • Security Training and Certification management
  • Print Badge templates and Provision cards into Access Control System
  • Authorized Signer Portal for accessing fingerprint results, forms and reports
  • Company and Contract Management
  • Asset management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Badge Holder Violation
  • Document Management
  • User & User Access Role Management
  • Financial Management
  • Reporting

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