Security Asset Management System

Fix Your System Outages Before Operational Impacts

Birdi Systems, Inc.’s Security Asset Management System is a monitoring capability that improves service response time and isolation of system problems by tracking the health of mission critical systems at airports.

It’s capabilities include the monitoring of all layers of any system including network components, servers, operating systems, databases, applications and end devices.


  • Early notification of system component failures via emails
  • Mobile components allow alerts on smart phones
  • Reporting module that helps integrate disparate mission critical systems and facilitates their management through a unified platform
  • Service tickets are automatically started based upon fault detection


  • Plug-in interfaces to monitor servers by component type such as IP address, PORT identifier, Windows service name, database access parameters, and network routing
  • Key monitoring for loss of communications, loss of operation, and availability gaps
  • Alert capability through email and notification to mobile devices; providing the system fault level

Tailored Modules: 

  • Security Asset Management System − Notifier (SAMS-N) for system for health, fault monitoring capabilities, alert notification and status
  • Security Asset Management System − Service Manager (SAMS-SM) for service ticket functionality, scheduling and document storage
  • Security Asset Management System − Reporting Server (SAMS-RS) for data reporting
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