Energy & Utilities

New technologies and universal shifts towards decarbonization, decentralization, and resiliency are requiring organizations and agencies to rethink their energy strategies. Birdi Systems, Inc.’s (BSI) Utility/Energy Division works with organizations and agencies to provide energy solutions that fit their needs. Due to our broad range of expertise and specialization in systems integration, commissioning, and activation, BSI can provide turnkey solutions for projects ranging from building energy management, load management, pick load shaving, integration of renewable energy to integrated microgrid systems.


 1. Microgrid and Distributed Energy Solutions

Utilities, communities, and energy consumers are pursuing microgrids as a solution for reaching sustainability, resiliency, and cost-certainty objectives. Microgrids support greater levels of intermittent renewable resource integration, enhance energy security, and improve power resiliency for mission-critical facilities and operations.

Our solutions are fully comprehensive to include hardware, controls, communications, integration, commissioning, and activation. Microgrids is a electrical generation and distribution system that operate without a utility connection. BSI’s background in systems integration allow microgrid projects to be integrated seamlessly with existing operations.

Typical microgrid applications include:

  • Power quality issues mitigation
  • Generators performance analysis allowing them to operate closer to rated power for base load, increasing efficiency and reducing emissions
  • Islanded operation with renewable energy sources possible by having the microgrid act as island master, constant load and power management in rapid response to change in load and energy generated from renewable sources
  • Power firming to increase dispatchability and predictability of solar and wind generation
  • Generator bridging to provide critical support power as generators are brought up to power, thus reducing fuel consumption
  • Peak power support for mission-critical loads
  • Peak load shaving by using battery storage
  • Design and implement and operate other types of energy storage system such as flywheel technology


2. Energy Assessment, Management, and Optimization

As a facility’s existing equipment ages and new technologies emerge, facilities can benefit greatly by reevaluating their energy systems for potential cost savings and other improvements. BSI has the experience, expertise, and resources to help an organization meet its energy-related goals.

Energy Assessment services include:

  • Detailed site investigation to assess current conditions
  • Functional performance testing of mechanical equipment
  • Implementing optimization strategies to better control existing equipment
  • Measurement and verification of optimization energy savings
  • Identification of capital energy conservation measures with the potential for tremendous energy savings
  • Implementation of capital energy conservation and improvement projects
  • Implementation of capital projects to improve safety and mitigate risks


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