San Diego International Airport (SAN): Concept of Operations

Birdi Systems, Inc. developed the Concept of Operations—a document outlining approaches to the change brought about in the development of the new $1.027 billion facilities and systems of the Green Build program—for the SDCRAA. The scope of services included all elements of the airport, including Landside Operations. The following are some of the document’s main areas of focus:

  • Parking
  • Signage
  • Passenger Processing
  • Baggage Handling
  • Terminal and Airside Operations
  • Security Operations
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Facilities Management
  • Business Operations
  • Customer Service
  • External Facilities and Support
  • Environmental Operations

The document entails a common analytic framework, identifying and examining key points in the areas of business drivers, current conditions, functional requirements, and risks/assumptions. Aiming to produce a thorough and comprehensive document, this model was applied to a total of 64 different elements dealing with systems, facilities, and operations.

Comprehensive Concept of Operations Document

Goals Achieved:
Birdi Systems, Inc. received the Minority-Owned Small Business of the Year Award for outstanding performance in the development of the Concept of Operations for the $1.027 billion SDCRAA Green Build Program