San Diego International Airport (SAN) – Green Build Terminal 2 Expansion

Birdi, in 2010-11, assisted the San Diego International Airport Authority as consultant during planning for Terminal 2 West Expansion (Green Build – a $1B+ capital project). As part of this efforts/task, Birdi assisted the Airport Authority to sign a 20-year deal to provide its new Green Build with a big dose of solar power and save at least $3 million in electricity costs in the process.

The San Diego airport’s first solar array was able to produce enough power to offset 10 to 13 percent of energy needs at the two main terminals. Savings will depend on the trajectory of electricity prices, but savings could reach $4+ million.

The 1.5 MW solar energy system was completed in 2014 and installed atop a renovated Terminal 2, and also a 2MW solar energy system was installed on NTC parking Lot adjacent to the same terminal (Green Build) connected to the 12kV loop.

The energy purchase agreement/contract was signed with San Diego-based Borrego Solar for installation and maintaining of the panels and the related electrical equipment. Borrego, a specialist in financing and producing commercial solar projects, retains ownership of the array and sells power back to the airport at a lower overall cost that the local utility can provide.