LAX Central Utility Plant Retro-Commissioning & Systems Integration

Birdi Inc. performed as the main consultant to the LAX Central Utility Plant (CUP) for assessment of the facility and its operations to recommend multiple system integration enhancements. The CUP provides LAX with hot and chilled water to run the HVAC system throughout the terminals and produces power to offset the electricity used to make the plant run. The assessment utilized Birdi’s SFOR systems engineering process to interview dozens of operational stakeholders, identify over eighty system gaps, and develop solutions to mitigate system risks.


Project Profile

Project Cost: $594,000

Start Date: July 2018

Completion: Feb. 2019

Cooling Capacity: 19,600 tons

Heating Capacity: 700,000 MBH

Power Generation: 8.4 MW


Project Role

Gap Analysis

Risk Mitigation

Systems Facility Operations Readiness

Technical Problem Solving

Program Development