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Birdi & Associates, Inc. is a Los Angeles based Small Business providing professional consulting services in Project Management, Technology, Software Development and System Maintenance.  In addition, we are constantly improving our service delivery by developing in house software products like the Birdi Facility Manager (BFM) and the Capital Project Planner (CPP). Birdi & Associates, Inc. is currently developing two products in support of its services including tools for Project Management and tools for Maintenance of Mission Critical Systems.

From Solutions to Service
The basic service principles and tenets of Birdi & Associates, Inc. are built upon a foundation provided by a diverse group of industry leaders. Common and unchanging across all of these is our principle that all our abilities, every talent and each decision is made in the best interest of the client. As engineers, we are experts in developing Solutions for our clients but the Solution is not our goal rather only one of the means to an end. Our continuous and ultimate goal is to provide the best Service to our clients. Developing the right Solution and integrating it into the overall technical and operational environment and ensuring that it serves the best interest of our client is all important to us as we stretch our capacities in delivering world class Service to all our clients.
Birdi & Associates, Inc.'s key service areas include:
Technology Consultancy
Project Management
Project Control
Construction Management
Planning & Design Services
NAICS Catergory Codes:
238990, 541330, 541511, 541512, 541513, 541519, 541611, 541690, 561621
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